A Musical Heart musician in the news

Jodi Beder

One of our musicians, Jodi Beder, was featured on the front-page of The Washington Post on March 26, in an article about the good things people are doing for others during the pandemic.

Jodi is playing daily from her front porch, sending healing music out to her community for all who come to listen. At the end of the article, she mentions her affiliation with A Musical Heart.

Here’s an excerpt from the article in The Post:

After her performance ended, and the strains of Bach, Randy Newman and an old klezmer song faded from 34th Street, Jodi Beder sat on her front porch with her cello and blew a kiss to her fans on the sidewalk.

People clapped and yelled “Thank you Jodi!” from across the street. They said they needed it. She said she needed it too. Beder normally plays her cello for people in hospice care. Many are in need of care, she said. “I think we need it enormously,” Beder said. “I’m administering treatment.”

… Beder, 69, said she started her mini concerts a week ago, with a cello made around 1870 in Prague. “It’s not that old for a cello,” she said.

Jodi Beder plays music on her cello from her front porch in Mount Rainier, Md. on Wednesday.

Beder is a member of the group A Musical Heart, which plays music to hospice patients.

From The Washington Post, March 26, 2020, by Michael E. Ruane

If you’re a subscriber to The Washington Post, you can read the entire article.

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