Author: Nina Falk

Spring, renewal

Today, March 1, the month of spring. A great day to launch our new website, and share our goals and news. We have two new musicians joining us. They are wonderful and well-suited to playing/singing for hospice patients. Read about Sarah Issaelkhoury, voice, and Gray Dickerson, violin, on the “Musicians” page. That makes seven of us, total. We hope to have many more, because the Washington, DC area has many hospice patients at any given time who would be comforted by music as they transition.

So our goals are to increase our musician roster, raise money to support the greater numbers, and make music available to more hospice patients at their bedside.

Another goal, more broad, is to make people, who are not facing death, more comfortable with the idea of their own death. By sharing some stories and experiences of patients near the end, and contributing to the current national conversations about end-of-life, people come to terms with their mortality. By doing so, it’s easier to live in the present without fear, more fully and alive now.


Beethoven:  “Music is a higher revelation.”


We are pleased to announce the redesigned website for A Musical Heart! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to launch the new design. Soon we will launch new features like online donations.

For the moment, we are excited to bring you more information about our work, the musicians who work with us, and the patients we serve. Stay tuned!