Our COVID-19 Response

A Musical Heart is adapting to the unusual needs presented by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Using FaceTime or the phone, we are now available to serve those nearing the end of life at home, in addition to playing remotely for patients through hospice agencies. 

If someone you know is nearing the end of life, and you would like us to bring music to their bedside, virtually, please contact our director, Nina Falk, at arcovoce@gmail.com. She will coordinate with our musicians to make this possible.

We offer the music free of charge to patients, through the kindness and generosity of our donors and the foundations that support our work.

If you’d like to support our efforts, learn how on our donate page or use the online form on this page.

Listen to Jodi Beder speak about her work as a musician for A Musical Heart during NFL’s Draft-a-Thon. She joined Dr. Allen Sills, NFL’s chief medical officer, Brandon Marshall, NFL wide receiver, and host Kay Adams on 4/25/2020.

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